FurReal Howlin' Howie Review (Hasbro)

FurReal Howlin' Howie
What It Is

FurReal Howlin' Howie is you guessed it, a hound dog, one of the cutest I've seen. Howie comes in gorgeous brown and white fur, with shiny blue eyes, and long floppy ears. Howie may not be the real dog many kids want, but he comes with 25+ sound and motion combinations. When you howl at Howie, he will howl back, wave at him and pet his back for more actions.  Although Howie is adorably cute and furry, he doesn't make a great cuddly pet, due to its hard body and head. 

There are three modes available, Guard Dog mode, sleep mode and on. In Guard Dog Mode slide the switch to demo mode and Howie will respond to motion with barks and howls to let you know that someone's near. Note that he does not respond to sound in this mode. Sleep mode is activated after one minute of non-activation, Howie will go to sleep. In order to wake him up just pet his back. If by any chance he doesn't respond, move closer to him, or bring him into a quieter room.

Is It Fun?

 Howie is interactive . It encourages role play and  helps with creative storytelling.

Who It’s For

FurReal Howlin' Howie is perfect for children 4 years of age and up who enjoy interactive toys. It can be a great way to also introduce a pet into the home before even thinking of getting the real deal!

What To Be Aware Of

Not cuddle friendly due to the hard body structure.

  • Fun

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  • Assembly & Instructions


    4 AA batteries required