Hatchimals Colleggtibles Glitter Salon Review (Spin Master)

Hatchimals Colleggtibles Glitter Salon
What It Is

What makes this set different from others is that you get to glitterize your Hatchimals. The steps are easy and included in the instruction sheet. Twist the top of the chamber and lift to remove the lid. Put about half the bag of glitter into the glitterizer.  Apply glue to the areas you want the glitter to stick to and wait one minute for the glue to dry tacky. Using the peg on the bottom of your Hatchimals place it on the stand and lower the glitter chamber. Twist clockwise to lock the lid in place. Once everything is securely in place, press the glitterize button rapidly 10 to 15 times to make sure the glitter goes everywhere. Once done, remove the chamber and lightly tap the chamber on the top to shake excess glitter back into the chamber. Remove your Hatchimals and wait 2 minutes until it completely dries before brushing off any excess glitter. If there is any leftover glitter, simply return the glitter back into the bag.

Each set includes 1 glitter Salon Playset, 2 Hatchimals collEGGtibles, 1 sheet of glitter foil stickers, 2 bags of glitter in purple and red, 1 bottle of glue, 1 glitter brush, 9 accessories and 1 instruction sheet.   

Once your Hatchimals are all done being hatched and glitterized, place them on the vanity's swiveling chair and add accessories and glitter stickers to make them look extra special! Flip open the vanity's mirror to reveal storage space for the accessories or display them on the playsets accessory stand. Store and dispense the glitter stickers right from the vanity!

Is It Fun?

The glitter definitely adds tons of fun . There are dress up accessories and the storage area is great and being able to add other Hatchimals to this play enhances the creativity.

Who It’s For

Children who are fans of Hatchimals will love to add the Glitter Salon to their collection. Not only will they get two new exclusive Hatchimals, but they can also add their other Hatchimals to this playset.

What To Be Aware Of

Glitter is glitter and does get messy.

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