GooGoo Galaxy Review (Moose Toys)

GooGoo Galaxy
What It Is

Say hello to the little space travelers, the Goo Drops! All four of them have come from a far away place called Goo Goo Galaxy and have crash landed on Earth! There are 4 to collect and are all sold separately.

We've got, Astra Nommy; she's in pink from head to toe with a squishy belly, when squeezed you see her glittery pink and rainbow galaxy move inside her! Nommy has large and very colorful eyes, donut painted decorations around her eyes and a donut accessory on top of her head. 

Luna Laguna is another Goo Drop who comes in a purple and pink shaded body. You can also squish her belly to see shimmery stars and specs of glitter swirl inside her. Luna Laguna has seashells and bubbles printed around her eyes and seashells on top of her head.  Yumi Unicorn comes in a gradient of pink shades, her belly too is squishy and filled with glittery purple pearls. 

Yumi Unicorn has stars and unicorns printed around her eyes and a gold unicorn horn on top of her head.

Stella Skygems is just as perfect in light shades of purple and blue, a squishy belly that has icy diamond glitter insider her.  Stella Skygems has crystal shards printed around her eyes and crystal shards on top of her head. 

Each package includes 1 goo drop doll, 1 goo-to-go cup, 1 goo-to-go straw, 4 ingredients (for goo-to-go), 1 dangler string and 1 passport. This unboxing is not only out of this world fun, but to kick it up a notch you can keep the Goo Pod and play with it for more imaginary play, just be careful when opening it. 

Each set includes  DIY goo fun. Directions are on the box and are very simple. Just add the Slime Crystals to the cup, with water, and then stir. Next, add the Cosmic Cloud with water and watch it magically grow! Finally, top with Starshine to see which message your Goo Drop has for you! Will you get a Shooting Star, Stella Dream, Solar Flare or Cool Comet Goo-to-Go message? You can hang your Goo-to-Go on your school backpack or display your cup with your Goo Drop!

Lastly, don't forget to pull the Emergency Hatch in the Goo Pod to find their Inter-GOO-lactic Passport. It's filled with fun details about your Goo Drop like their birthday, eye color, height, and what planet they're from! You'll also find a postcard from their home planet and you can take a friendship pledge with your Goo Drop!

Is It Fun?

I love that these are a perfect size for small hands . They're truly squishy , which kids tend to love. Collectibles are always fun and  being able to use the box as Goo Pods is a nice addition!

Who It’s For

There's no doubt that these Goo Drops are adorable, and kids will agree! Those who enjoy unboxing and the squishy feel of toys will enjoy these. Also, the DIY galactic slime activity is fun to make, and watch grow.

What To Be Aware Of

The slime is just for show and the slime does not stay in the cup safely.

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