Rizmo Review (TOMY)

What It Is

Rizmo, who's name comes from the words rhythm and monster is an interactive electronic stuffed toy that evolves and grows as you play with it. There are three different versions of Rizmo you can buy, Berry pop Star, Berry hip-Hop Star and a surprise version. As kids play with Rizmo, they'll experience the magical evolution of Rizmo over time. Singing and playing helps evolve Rizmo. Rizmo responds to touch, motion, and sound. It will physically grow and learn to do more as kids play with it. You start with a baby Rizmo in which you need to wake up Rizmo, and then have 5 modes of play. One of the 5 modes of play is Music Maker where kids will sing to Rizmo and Rizmo will sing the same song back. We found that Rizmo loves Music and the more recordings you child makes, the quicker Rizmo will evolve. Rizmo also has his own language, Rizmonese that kids can learn. As Rizmo becomes fully evolved more play will open up, such as Dance Party and a Color Challenge Game. We found that it will take Rizmo around 4-6 hours to fully evolve depending how much a child plays with Rizmo.

Is It Fun?

Kids will want to see Rizmo physically grow and change, and this happens the more you play with Rizmo. Rizmo does offer a lot of play for kids as Rizmo will continually evolve physically and functionality. There's some games, and lots of singing that help Rizmo grow, so if you kids like to sing and then have Rizmo sing their songs back, they will really like this toy.

Who It’s For

This toy is age graded for kids 6 and up and I'd recommend the sweet spot will be kids ages 6-9 years old. Kids will need patience because it does take time for Rizmo to grow.

What To Be Aware Of

Most children will need help remembering what color refers to which activity as the instructions are not written with the clarity we prefer. There's an awful lot of information for a child to digest, and will need parents help until they remember what colors represent the corresponding function.

  • Fun

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    Medium Difficulty