Funkoverse Strategy Game Review (Funko)

Funkoverse Strategy Game
What It Is

Funko has created its first-ever games line, and TTPM is checking out two games in the new Funkoverse Strategy Games collection: Funkoverse Harry Potter and Funkoverse DC's Batman. 

These two games are essentially starter/base sets that introduce players to the Funkoverse gameplay. While this review only highlights two games in the line, there are currently a total of six games to choose from at launch. 

Each set comes with different Funko Pop! characters from that universe. The Batman set includes Batman, Harley Quinn, the Joker, and Batgirl. The Harry Potter set comes with Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Voldemort, and Belletrix LeStrange. Two good guys, plus two bad guys. One thing to note about the figures for collectors is that they are sized slightly smaller than traditional Funko Pop! figures. They are sized to fit the board for gameplay, but the size may also add to the collectability of them, too. 

Game Background/Set-up:

One thing to note is that gameplay is essentially the same across all games in the line, the only difference is the powers and abilities of the characters you'll be playing with as well as the settings and scenarios. This means you can play across universes. Each character has specific attack moves and abilities, which are detailed on their handy Character Cards. For example, "adjacent allies to Hermione can't be knocked out while she is standing. There's also a handy guide to what everything on these character cards means in the instruction booklet. For example, how many dice you'll get to roll on an attack, which ability tokens you need to have to perform an attack, etc. 

When first playing all players will start with a Basic Level round of play before advancing to the Full Experience Game (i.e. scenarios). Dark character bases symbolize, you guessed it, the bad guys. When playing a two-player game, each player starts the game with three character. As you may notice there are only four figures. Tokens are included to symbolize that third basic character (Death Eater and Auror). If you have an expansion pack, you can also fill that third slot with another figure, such as Ron Weasley and Draco Malfoy. There are two also status cards for Harry and Bellatrix. These allow players to give abilities to their other characters during the game. Players will also pick up ability tokens for each dot denoted on their character card. 

In addition, the game comes with two items that give players' characters added abilities: Felix Felicis and a Dagger. You don't have to use them but if you choose to do so they must be given to a specific character prior to the game's start. 


Who goes first is determined by a flip of the First Player Token. Players begin in their designated areas of the board, as designated by the scenario set-up. On players' turns, they'll select a character to play with, then perform two actions: Move, Challenge a rival with a roll of the dice, Assist an adjacent ally that's been knocked over, and more. There are basic moves as well as special character specific moves you can play. If your character is already knocked down, you can also use both actions on your turn to stand your character back up. 

During an Attack: Opponents can try to counter an attack by rolling however many dice their character allows. Enough shield symbols (or a shield accompanied by the "!!!") can counter the attack. If you fail, your character is knocked out. If you fail a second time when your character is down, they are knocked out of the game. Some characters have the ability to get back up after being knocked down, (Harry and Voldemort). 

Once complete, place an exhausted marker on your card and play moves onto the next player. Play continues as such until both players have exhausted all their characters. As players perform actions that use their Ability Tokens, these tokens are moved onto their Cooldown Tracker. At the end of a round, players shift everything down one on their Cooldown Tracker. Once tokens and other tools are shifted off the one, they can return to play. Exhausted markers are removed from characters, and a new round begins. Once a player's characters are all down, the game ends.

So I'm assuming you're wondering how exactly you win though? Well that comes in the Full Experience Game. These two games actually offers four different experiences or mini games to play. The game board shifts based on the scenario/experience card's set-up. There are specific rules to each game, and gameplay aka earning points also depends on which scenario you choose to play. Shown in this video is the "Capture the Flag" experience. In this experience, you'll need to earn six points to win, which you can gather by 1) capturing the flag 2) knocking out another player's characters 3) interacting with point markers. When adjacent to a point marker, players can choose to Interact as one of the actions on their turn. 

Is It Fun?

These games are through and through strategy games, so don't let the collectibles fool you. They just add to the fun of the game and offer you a way to make use of your favorite universe of Funko Pop! figures in a whole new way.

Despite instructions seeming detailed, gameplay itself moves quickly.  We also like that there's a surprising amount of strategy so this is a game line we think will  appeal to tabletop gamers and Funko fans alike. 

Who It’s For

The Funko Pop! Funkoverse Strategy Games are for ages 10 and up. These base games are designed for two to four players. They will especially appeal to Funko Pop! collectors as well as fans of these different properties.

What To Be Aware Of

You can combine games to add more players and figures to the gameplay. Additional Funkoverse games include The Golden Girls and CN's Rick and Morty. 

Beginner tabletop gamers might find it a bit overwhelming at first glance, and while gameplay does move fast it can take a round to get the hang of all the moves and actions. 

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