Demo Duke Review (Spin Master)

Demo Duke
What It Is

Welcome DEMO DUKE, the truck that loves to crash! For ages 4 and up, this truck can crash, smash and transform again at the push of a button. Demo Duke says over 100 phrases and sounds in three modes. There are English, French, and silent mode. Inside the box is 1 Demo Duke, 1 Instruction Guide. DEMO DUKE takes 4 AA batteries not included. Kids simply pump the red roll bar to get him to talk and move. Duke takes off into demolition land crashing and shifting into a complete wreck. Lights on the cab tell you his readiness. Green light means rev Duke up, yellow means there is medium damage but LETS GO again, and red means restore by pushing down on the blinking button and watch him transform back into perfect shape. Each rev up pump makes a rev sound and increases his speed. 3 revs fast, 7 revs, faster, 8 revs max!  Touch his Mohawk and hear him purr, Demo Duke has a big bulky blue body and thick black wheels and his underwear is covered with teddy bears and wrenches. Durable Bad boy is tons of fun! Carry him around by his handle. Kids will love hearing over 100 funny sounds and phrases. 

Is It Fun?

Demo Duke is hilarious fun and is easy for kids to use. With various speeds, he loves to crash, crash a little more, and finally restore. He has over 100 sounds and phrases, so DEMO DUKE is not shy about telling kids what to do! He even has a client mode and a mode which allows him to speak French!

Who It’s For

DEMO DUKE is designed for ages 4 and up, who love trucks! This truck can crash, smash and transform again at the push of a button and kids will love crashing Demo Duke. Little ones will thrill watching the amazing restoring ability of this funny and talkative motorized buddy.

What To Be Aware Of

Demo Duke takes 4 AA batteries not included. Demo Duke should be carried by his red roll bar handle.

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  • Assembly & Instructions


    4 AA batteries required