Hairdorables Shortcuts Series 1 Review (Just Play)

Hairdorables Shortcuts Series 1
What It Is

They may be little but the Hairdorables Shortcuts dolls have the same "big hair, don't care" personalities as their older sisters. Collect 25 little sisters in the first Shortcuts series. Each doll comes blind packaged with eight surprises to discover. There's a barrette, an accessory, a signature card, pop tails, a scrunchie skirt, an insert, a collector list, and the doll. The "pop tails" are pig tail hair extensions that pop into the doll's head. 

The first thing you'll uncover is an insert that gives you a background scene for your doll. Then, pop off the top of the container and remove the cover marked "1". Inside you'll find the hair barrette. Pop off the next section of the container and remove the cover marked "2". Inside you'll find an accessory and skirt made out of a hair scrunchie. Then, it's on to the third section and the cover marked "3". This is where the pop tails are contained. Inside the fourth container and underneath the cover marked "4" is the doll. Complete her outfit with the skirt, pop in her hair, and set up the doll stand on the section 3 lid to create a display platform with the background scene.

Check the collector list to see which Shortcuts doll you got and if it's mini me, signature, or ultra rare. 

The more dolls you collect, the more you can mix and match the pop tails. 

Is It Fun?

Hairdorables fans will really like collecting the little sisters of some of their favorite Hairdorables dolls. These dolls may be smaller, but they still offer the fun hair and fashion play of the originals, and will definitely engage kids in a lot of imaginative play and storytelling.

Who It’s For

Hairdorables Shortcuts are for ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

A new Hairdorables HairDUDEables series is also available. 

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy