Primary Active Leash Review (RC Pets)

Primary Active Leash
What It Is

This three-in-one leash can be worn around the waist and used as a hands-free leash or converted into a coupler to help you when you're walking more than one dog. It can also be attached to a tree or post to temporarily contain your dog. 

The primary active leash fits a wide range of waste sizes, as it's completely adjustable. It can also be worn as a messenger style across one shoulder. It has reflective silver stitching and a reflective RC Pets signature label for safe walking in low light. 

The hardware is nickel-plated to resist wear and it is durable and machine-washable. 

Why Is It Useful?

Wearing this leash around my waist was pretty comfortable and easy, and allowed me freedom to operate the door, the elevator, my phone, or just causally walk with my hands in my pockets to grab another treat. 

Who It’s For

Do you have an active dog? Then this leash is great for you. 

I recommend this item for households with two dogs who get along, or for busy pet parents that want the freedom to use their hands while walking their dog. 

What To Be Aware Of

It can easily get dirty. Otherwise, it is a great multipurpose item. 

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