RockIt Twist Review (LeapFrog)

RockIt Twist
What It Is

The new RockIt Twist merges video games with fidget toys for a unique way to play. This portable and rotatable learning game system features many ways to play and four different sides of buttons, spinners, sliders, and switches. All of these are fun to toggle and press, but they also control the gameplay.

To get started, turn it on and choose one of five game categories (or what the device calls "stations"): Arcade, Playground, Practice, Maker, and Pets. There are 12 games among all five categories, and all of the gameplay helps kids practice core skills, such as math, literacy, problem-solving, and science. The Pets section is a little different because the games involve hatching, growing, and caring for virtual pets. There are three built-in virtual pets, but if you purchase Game Packs, sold separately, you'll get additional learning games as well as more virtual pets and collectible figures.

There's also a Music station with built-in songs for kids to listen to. Add your own music using the included USB cable and then play it through the device's built-in speaker or listen through headphones (sold separately) when you plug them into the headphone jack.

None of this requires wi-fi, which means kids can play all the games on the RockIt Twist at home and on the go.

The RockIt Twist also includes a wrist strap to keep the device from slipping out of a child's hands. If it does fall, it has a rubberized bumper.

It is available in green or purple.

Is It Fun?

There's a lot to do with this cool gaming device, from playing fun games, creating your own pixel art, and making music to caring for a virtual pet and listening to your favorite tunes. Using the device is very intuitive, especially for young kids, so you don't have to read through a bunch of instructions to learn how to use it. And all the gameplay incorporates educational concepts but in a fun and interactive way. This is a great toy for playing with at home or on the go.

Who It’s For

The RockIt Twist is for ages 4 to 8.

What To Be Aware Of

A micro USB cable is included to charge the RockIt Twist, and it can take between 3.5 to 6.5 hours to charge, depending on if you're using a computer or a wall outlet.

You can have up to two profiles saved on the device. A third profile is a guest profile that doesn't save any game progress.

The toy does have volume control and a headphone jack.

Additional Game Packs are sold separately.

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