BTS Dolls Review (Mattel)

BTS Dolls
What It Is

The super meme memorable seven of the BTS are finally(!) here in doll form, courtesy of Mattel.

The dolls, based on the global chart-topping K-pop boy band, come decked out in the outfits worn during their comeback tour for "Idol" and in their "Idol" music video. They also wore these colorful suit ensembles for the Mnet Mcountdown and during their Good Morning America stage performance. The dolls all feature rooted hair and 11 points of articulation. They can sit, stand, wave and even bust out one of their signature moves.

As you can see, leader RM is decked out in his green suit with a yellow polka dot shirt and green hair, while "World Wide Handsome" Jin is rocking a multicolored suit with white hoodie, white shoes, and blond locks. Likewise, Suga looks swag in his silver, gold and black suit with floral-print shirt and dark hair. J-hope, our Eternal Sunshine, looks so happy in his green-and-gold suit with collared white shirt and dark hair. Jimin, the original bias wrecker, look snazzy in his reddish multicolored suit with white-collared shirt and matching tie. Contrary to his usual hair color, for this incarnation Jimin's hair is dark. V, who is always uniquely himself in his weird and wonderful ways, is rocking two-tone hair that's half blond and half pink. His look is topped off with a colorful blazer, a white button-down shirt with red hearts on its collar, and black pants. Rounding out the group is the Golden Maknae, Jungkook, of course, wearing a gold suit with matching gold belt and white T-shirt and his rarely-seen red hair.

All of the boys are wearing either one of two types of white sneakers: high tops or running shoes. All of the dolls stand at roughly 11-inches tall, have their signature eyeliner, and come with only these "Idol" era outfits and no accessories. Sorry, no jewelry here.

Is It Fun?

When TTPM's resident K-pop fan found out Mattel was making these dolls, she had to catch her breath and not pass out. But like any member of the BTS Army, we had questions:

Would Mattel really captured the essence of our boys? Would the dolls really highlight RM's cute dimples, or Suga's puppy dog eyes, or Jimin's pouty lips?

Well, we can safely say that Mattel captures these traits beautifully. The dimples on RM's doll really are as cute as his own. Not to mention, the articulation on these dolls is AMAZING; With bendable wrists, elbows, knees, and ankles along with movable shoulders, necks and hip joints you really can put them in almost any pose to capture the iconic BTS dance moves.


Jimin's doll can even do one of his adorable clumsy splits. That being said, there are certain parts of the dolls that don't necessarily capture the signature characteristics of the boys themselves. For example, I don't know what Jimin paid Mattel to get himself the same size as RM, but we all know that when it comes to height Jimin is "only" 1 cm shorter than Suga. And the boys (Jungkook) give him so much flack for being the shortest of the group. Not to mention his pinky is the same size as V's! We know that V's hands are freakishly huge in the group, and he always likes picking on Jimin's tiny pinky. Plus, Jin's iconic wide shoulders are nowhere to be found in these dolls, despite the boys being envious of them. But, ARMY, we did check for you; Jimin's doll might not have his signature ab tattoo, but it does have his killer abs. Actually, all the boys have abs, notably Jimin and Jungkook. But, sadly, Mattel gave V abs too, which he has not earned. Everyone in the Army knows it, as he prides himself for never hitting the gym. Overall, RM's and J-hope's doll most accurately resembles them and capture their essence, especially in the facial sculpts and details.

Overall, we think these dolls capture the group's essence but missed the mark on certain individual member signature characteristics.

Who It’s For

The BTS dolls from Mattel are for ages 6 and up, but obviously, you can't claim to be apart of BTS's Army without wanting these dolls. Fans of K-pop, especially BTS fans, will appreciate these dolls, but they are also great for collectors.

What To Be Aware Of

Each doll only comes with one removable outfit and one pair of shoes. They have no jewelry and no additional accessories at this time.

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