Rubber Dog Boots Review (Protex Pawz)

Rubber Dog Boots
What It Is

These rubber dog boots are disposable after a few wears, reusable and waterproof. These boots are available in 7 sizes and come in a 12 pack. For sizing, simply measure your pet's paw size and check the back of the packaging to see if the breed and inches measure up.

Why Is It Useful?

During the winter months the ice and salt on the pavement can be dangerous for your pet, so this offers good protection. Plus, they keep your house clean and they are 100% biodegradable!

Who It’s For

These dog boots are for pet parents who want to keep their home clean. Some dogs do better with the boots than others. It can take a few days of a steady routine to train your pet that in order to go outside, the boots go on. If your dog allows you to touch their paws, then they may be a good candidate for boots. If you are looking for a boot option for your pet that actually stays on, this may be the boot for you!

What To Be Aware Of

As you can see, Jiminy the Boston Terrier allows me to put the rubber booties on with ease. At first your pet may walk a bit funny with the boots on but after a short time they may adjust. One of the cons is that they can be tricky to put on your dog, and they are disposable, so we are continuing to add to the trash problem.

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