The Rock and Roll IT! Instruments Review (Mukikim)

The Rock and Roll IT! Instruments
What It Is

There are 4 new sets from the Rock Roll It collection. We've got Code Drum, Rainbow Piano, Xylophone and Bongos, all which roll up for on-the-go fun!  Let's begin with Code Drum! Each set comes with the Color-Coded Drum Pad, 2 Drum Sticks, 2 Pedals, Headphones, USB cord, and a Play-by-color Music Book. Learn to play the drums with this color-coded set, which uses a spectrum of colors along with a music book to make it easy to follow along and learn. The booklet also introduces how to read drumset music, rhythms, notes, and time signatures. This set is unique in that it has the professional sound and features of multiple drums, professional demos, instrumental accompaniment tracks, record and playback, audio input, output, and even connects to MP3. There are designated pads & pedals for multiple drum tones. Regarding the Code Drum- it doesn't allow you to listen to what you're playing without the headphones in and the placement of the headphone's outlet can tangle up as you play.

 If drums aren't your thing, then there's the Rainbow Piano! These 49 standard keysets are great for kids who want to learn to play piano or even those who already have a knack for it. In each set you get the foldable piano, which comes with a control panel and speaker, USB power cord, user manual and a song booklet. What's neat is that the piano can be powered by batteries or USB so you can play anytime, anywhere! There are multiple keyboard tones, demo songs, as well as echo/sustain, record, and playback features. A built-in speaker with auxiliary capabilities is also available, allowing you to share your music with others as you play or just listen yourself on your headphones, which can be great for parents when you don't want to hear them play loudly. The 49 standard keys allow you to play tons of music without taking up the space of a large piano or keyboard. There's also a volume wheel which is perfect in controlling how low or high you play.   

Next, there's the Rainbow Xylophone! Each set includes a rainbow xylophone, mallets, color coded song booklet, USB power cord, and user manual. The xylophone set is well-designed with rainbow color coded bars that make it easy to learn. It's powered by USB (cord included) or 4 AAA batteries.   With the play-by-color song booklet you can play a whole song by just following the colors! The tutorial functions also allows you play with the demo songs! Like the piano, with this set, you have the option to play quietly or play out loud. The colorful xylophone is equipped with record/playback functions, 7 different tones, and multiple demo songs to learn. A built-in speaker and audio output allow you to connect it to your headphone or speaker. Play it with your favorite music just like a real musician! 

Lastly, there are the Bongos. This set comes with the electronic bongos, 3.5mm male to male cable, power adapter cord, and operating instruction. The bongos can be powered by USB (cord included) or 2 AAA batteries. The electronic bongo set is equipped with record/playback functions, 8 demo songs to learn and 5 rhythms to play along to. Built-in speaker and audio input/output capabilities allow you to connect it to your phone and headphones.

Is It Fun?

Color coding makes it easier for kids to learn what you need to press . Great for not only children, but also adults will enjoy these. Play and practice anywhere with the flexible roll-up design . And this, promotes tactile learning and hand-eye coordination.

Who It’s For

Each set is very well designed and perfect for beginners or masters of all ages. The roll-up feature makes it perfect to take the music on the road.

What To Be Aware Of
Batteries are included.
  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions


    4 AAA batteries required