Mom Truths Game Review (Generation JRK Games)

Mom Truths Game
What It Is

Ladies, pour yourself a glass of wine or sparkling apple cider and get ready for some cold hard mom truths. The new adults-only card game Mom Truths, created by leading mommy influencers Cat and Nat, plays like Cards Against Humanity but with raw, uncensored, and hilarious set-up and completion cards all about being a mom. 

For instance, "Packing for a family vacation is almost as enjoyable as" what? Would you say "pretending the kid is not mine", "watching my hubby try to feed the baby", or "stepping on tiny toy pieces for the 10,000th time"? Those are just some of the safe-for-work options in the game. 

To play, everybody gets five pink Mom Truths completion cards. Each round, a different player acts as judge, drawing a purple Mom Truths card for all to see. The other players select a pink card from their hand that they feel best completes the prompt. The judge will then shuffle the pink cards, read them out loud, and select her favorite. The player who played the pink card wins the round. 

There's no set way to end the game. The instructions just say to play for as long as you like or until the wine bottles are empty. You could pre-determine a number of rounds to play before you start, or you could say that when a player wins a round, she gets to keep her pink card, and the player to win 10 pink cards first is the overall winner.

There are also blank pink and purple cards, allowing you to add your own amazing mom experiences into the gameplay.

Is It Fun?

If you know when the "witching hour" is (and that it usually lasts longer than an hour), then you're the ideal player for Mom Truths. Not all of the content is rated R, but the point of the game is to get women playing together and laughing over the honest experiences of motherhood. So, yeah, the game could get pretty crazy. And that's what every mom needs, right? A night out with her besties commiserating over the hardest parts of being a mom while gushing over the parts we do love.

Who It’s For

Mom Truths is for moms everywhere ages 21 and up. You can play the game with three or more players.

What To Be Aware Of

The game includes 400 cards (75 set-up cards and 325 completion cards).

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy