Kinetic Sand Sandisfying Set Review (Spin Master)

Kinetic Sand Sandisfying Set
What It Is

Kinetic Sand has such a satisfying tactile feel, and you'll get even more of that satisfying play with the Kinetic Sand Sandisfying Set. This set comes with two pounds of sand and 10 tools for creating all sorts of sand effects that you can record and share with friends. There's a phone stand and backdrop to make your Kinetic Sand videos look nice. 

The box can be reused as your sandbox, so don't totally destroy it when opening. Inside you'll find two bags of Kinetic Sand, one red and one blue. It's soft and squishy, and flows through your hands or can easily be molded and shaped. Place your sand in the box and use your tools to get started.

You can fill the stacker with sand and use the flat end of the squisher to press sand into the mold. Turn the stacker over and remove it to reveal a column of pressed-together sand. Transform it by pushing down on it with the dome mold. From here, you can chop and swirl the sand with the stacker, use the square and circle cutters to cut shapes, and use the crinkle tool to cut crinkly slices.

Other ways to play include scooping up sand using the scooper, using the squisher to squish down a column of packed sand, grating sand using the twister, or creating ribbons of sand with the twister. 

Is It Fun?

If you're a fan of Kinetic Sand and you want more ways to play with this awesome compound, then you'll be satisfied with the Sandisfying Set. It comes with a lot of neat tools that let you get creative with how to play and create your own mesmerizing Kinetic Sand videos. Even if you're not making videos, you'll still have a lot of fun mashing, molding, scooping, and squishing the sand.

Who It’s For

The Kinetic Sand Sandisfying Set is for ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The set includes two pounds of Kinetic Sand, a twister with ribbon and grater attachments, a squisher, a shaper, a crinkler, a scooper, a slider, a dome, a stacker, a phone stand, a transformable sand box, a backdrop, and instructions.

Kinetic Sand is made with natural sand. It is wheat-, gluten-, and casein-free. It will never dry out.

We wish there were instructions for how to set up the box. There are punch-out circles on the side flaps, but they aren't big enough for holding all the tools. 

Be careful when using the twister. Ours broke, though we were able to get it back together. Also, using the twister to create ribbons of sand didn't work so well for us.

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