Wonder Makers Design System Review (Fisher-Price)

Wonder Makers Design System
What It Is

With the Wonder Makers Design System, preschoolers can build whatever they can imagine, from buildings to tracks. There are a variety of sets to collect and build, but all of the pieces mix and match so that kids can design different layouts and creations.

One of the larger sets in the lineup is the Slide & Ride Schoolyard, which comes with more than 75 pieces for building a schoolhouse and playground. The pieces include a collection of wooden track pieces, three wooden characters to inspire imaginative storytelling, flexible connectors, and various play pieces, such as a school bus for the wooden characters to ride in, a fabric umbrella, and two wooden lunch bags. There are instructions for how to build the set, including a school building with circular track in the yard area and a swing set in the playground area that also includes a merry-go-round, bouncy chicken seat, and seesaw. The finished models have moving parts and the vehicles have real-rolling wheels, so there is a lot of potential for imaginative play once everything has been built.

The instruction booklet includes pictures of additional ways to build using just the pieces in this set, but kids can also put the pieces together however they want and add them to other Wonder Makers sets to expand the creative building possibilities.

You can expand the play with the Wonder Makers Vehicle Gift Set, a collection of six plastic-and-wooden vehicles each with a wooden character driver. Kids can play with the vehicles as is or mix and match the pieces to create cool new vehicle combinations. Put the orange ATV on the blue plane!

All of the wooden character pieces in the Wonder Makers line are double-sided, showing a straight-on image of the character and a side profile of the character, perfect for when they're driving in some of the vehicles.

Is It Fun?

Little kids will have so much fun creating their own worlds of wonder with the Wonder Makers system. This is a great way to get kids creative through the building play and then inspire a lot of imaginative storytelling with what they've built. The building play helps with fine motor skills, and kids get a tactile experience as they build with pieces made of wood, plastic, and felt. We also like the gender-neutral color scheme and the cute character artwork.

Who It’s For

Wonder Makers sets are for ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Additional Wonder Makers sets include the Build Around Town Starter Kit, the Soft Slumber Campground, the Special Delivery Depot, the Lift & Sort Recycling Center, the Beach Bungalow, the Build It Out Track Pack, and the Build It Up! Expansion Pack. Each is sold separately.

Building these works best on hard surfaces.

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