Butterbean's Cafe Review (Fisher-Price)

Butterbean's Cafe
What It Is

First up is Butterbean's Cafe! Each set includes a musical oven, 2 canisters of glittery Fairy Dough, 2 magic beans, 3 molding plates, 2 trays, a recipe card, a whisk accessory and Butterbean! Butterbean is a nice addition since not many sets ever include a doll. Butterbean comes dressed in her fairy attire just like on the show, stands 11-inches tall, and has 7 points of articulation. Her hands are also designed so that the whisk fits securely in either hand without falling out. 

The Fairy Dough looks great and comes in yellow and pink. It has glitter in it that leaves it shimmering. It feels a lot like Play-Doh but is slightly softer. The storage containers look like kitchen canisters and give it a more complete look.  The oven playset will magically transform the Fairy Dough into a cupcake, pie or cookie - depending on which molding plate you choose. When your masterpiece is complete, add the magic bean and place it on the display shelf for customers to see! There is a light-up feature on the set and many familiar songs and phrases from the show that give this toy a magical touch for kids.    There is also storage available to store your baking molds, so you can keep your kitchen tidy and neat.

Next, there's the On-the-Go Cafe Playset. Each set comes with a 3-inch Butterbean figure and 20 peggable kitchen and cafe accessories. Open the bean-shaped playset to discover two sides, one for cooking up sweet treats, just like on the show, and one to display all the goods to customers. The cafe features sweet decor, a sink, a display case where kids can arrange the peggable food accessories, a sparkly cash register, and seating area to feed the hungrier costumers. When kids are done playing, they can place all of the accessories in the cafe, close it up and take it anywhere! 

For more on-the-go tiny adventures there are 4 sets that you can bring Butterbean and her friends along for the fun. Each set comes with a 3-inch figure with minimal articulation (stand her, sit her, or make her fly). In the Butterbean's Cupcake Cart cart, clip Butterbean's hands to the cart and push or clip to the top of the butterfly topper to make it seem like she's flying. The set also includes a colorful cupcake cart and two cupcake accessories. Storage is available under the cart.   

The Dazzle's Smoothie Stand set comes with a 3-inch Dazzle figure. The set also includes a colorful smoothie station and food accessories such as a blender and smoothie cup. Clip her hands to the top of the butterfly topper to make it seem like she's flying.

Next, there's Poppy's Pretzel Cart with 3-inch Poppy figure. This set includes a colorful pretzel cart and food accessories, such as two pretzels. Clip her hands to the stand or to the top of the butterfly topper to make it seem like she's flying.

 Lastly, there's Cricket's Lemonade Stand with 3-inch Cricket figure. It comes with a colorful lemonade stand and food accessories, such as a pitcher and lemonade cup. Clip her hands to the stand or to the top of the butterfly topper to make it seem like she's flying.

All four sets are very well made and sturdy. The detailing is spot on and they all look just as they do on the Nick Jr. show. 

And now the Fairy Magic Whisk! Just like on the Butterbean's Cafe show, "With a flick of her whisk and a flutter of her wing," your child will be able to add fairy magic to everything she creates! Your child is now prepared to whisk some delicious treats just like Butterbean does on the show. The whisk looks just like the one on the show and has fun songs and phrases, which kids can activate by pressing down on the blue heart button. The button also activates a stimulating light-up effect and makes the butterfly spin for make-believe mixing action.

Is It Fun?

All the sets are sturdy and can stand up. Dolls or figures come with each set. There are many accessories available in each set and when it comes to the smaller sets you can mix up the accessories.

Who It’s For

Children who are fans of the Nick Jr. show will love having any of these sets. They'll be able to recreate magical moments from the show and help her "bake" her fairy fresh desserts with either set.

What To Be Aware Of

Some parental assistance may be needed when adding the trays in the oven when it comes to the Magical Bake and Display Oven.

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