Linkimals Musical Moose Lights & Colors Llama Smooth Moves Sloth and Happy Shapes Hedgehog Review (Fisher-Price)

Linkimals Musical Moose Lights & Colors Llama Smooth Moves Sloth and Happy Shapes Hedgehog
What It Is

Play and learn together with the Linkimals, a new line of educational baby toys featuring on-trend animals. There's the Musical Moose, Lights & Colors Llama, Smooth Moves Sloth, and Happy Shapes Hedgehog. Each is sold separately.

Individually, each toy offers different learning benefits for babies ages 9 months and up. The Musical Moose introduces babies to counting and cause and effect through more than 25 songs, sounds, tunes, and phrases. Just press the moose's belly to activate counting songs and other music and lights. The moose has colorful fabric antlers and a bobbly head. 

The Lights & Colors Llama is a new twist on the Rock a Stack stacking toy. It introduces babies to colors with more than 25 songs, sounds, tunes, and phrases. All babies have to do is stack the colorful rings around the rocking base or press down on the llama's head. 

The Happy Shapes Hedgehog is a pull-along toy with more than 40 songs, sounds, tunes, and phrases all about numbers, shapes, and colors. And there are a lot of things for babies to explore on the hedgehog. Press one of the shaped number buttons to hear the hedgehog talk about shapes, colors, and numbers while the circle on its side lights up. Spin the roller on top for more phrases, music, and sound effects. And as kids pull the hedgehog along, they'll hear even more. The top of the hedgehog also features a spinning and clicking butterfly, a textured and clicking switch, and clacking rings.

And the Smooth Moves Sloth is all about ABCs, 123s, opposites, and games. This guy moves its head and claps its soft hands as it plays more than 85 songs, sounds, tunes, and phrases. There are two buttons on the sloth's feet that kids can press to clap and count with the sloth, sing the alphabet, or play a game, such as Sloth Says. 

But when you get them all together, the toys will interact thanks to RF (radio frequency) Technology. Turn them on and press a button to hear them sing together, sync up their lights, and talk to each other.

Is It Fun?

On their own, each Linkimal is great for introducing babies to early learning concepts and working fine motor skills. The colorful lights and fun music and phrases offer visual and auditory stimulation, and keep baby engaged in the play. What's really cool is how the toys work together. Whether you have two toys or all of the Linkimals, it's easy to sync them and really engaging to watch how they interact, through introducing themselves in a song and lighting up in the same colors. It really creates a fun experience that fuels the engagement in the learning play, and it almost makes Linkimals like collectible toys since the more you have, the more interactions there will be between the toys.

Who It’s For

Linkimals are for ages 9 months and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The Linkimals Musical Moose ($9.99), Lights & Colors Llama ($14.99), Smooth Moves Sloth ($29.99), and Happy Shapes Hedgehog ($24.99) are all sold separately. An A to Z Otter is also available.

All of the toys work together within a range of 30 feet.

The Moose, Llama, and Hedgehog all include three AA batteries, while the Sloth comes with four AA batteries. These batteries power the in-store try-me features, so you might want to replace them before you play for best results.

The Lights & Colors Llama, Happy Shapes Hedgehog, and Smooth Moves Sloth have two levels of volume.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    3 AA & 4 AA batteries required