Ryan's World Super Surprise Safe Review (Just Play)

Ryan's World Super Surprise Safe
What It Is

Which Ryan surprises will you unlock when you open the Ryan's World Super Surprise Safe? There are more than 30 surprises to discover, and some are push and reveal doors to open, smash and surprise with a Ryan's World sledgehammer, and decode and discover surprises with special glasses. 

You get a key on the front of the safe to help you open it up and start the surprise fun. Just insert the key and turn the handle to open the safe door. You'll find three levels of surprises. The first layer is "push and reveal", which means you simply push open the perforated doors to reveal what's inside: stickers, either three of six possible ooze and mix-ins or an egg blaster with three eggs, one of two possible mini figures, and one of two possible sledgehammers.

Use the sledgehammer to help with the second layer, which is "smash and surprise". The sledgehammer will help open the doors on this layer so you can find one of five possible articulated figures, other treasures, and one of three possible decoder glasses.

The glasses help you "decode and discover" layer three. The glasses reveal mystery images and instructions for how to open the box. Inside there will be one of four possible Build-A-Figures. There will also be another key that unlocks additional surprises in the safe, including more treasures.

Is It Fun?

There are so many surprises to unlock, and kids will really enjoy making their own surprise toy reviews just like Ryan. This makes a wonderful addition to a Ryan's World toy collection, giving kids more fun Ryan-themed toys to play with and also allowing them to interact with their favorite YouTuber off-screen. It's great for promoting imaginative play and roleplay.

Who It’s For

The Ryan's World Super Surprise Safe is for Ryan ToysReview fans ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

You'll need to make the ooze yourself by mixing the ooze powder with water and letting it sit for 20 minutes.

Additional Ryan's World toys include Combobunga Panda and a Deluxe Mystery Fig Set, each sold separately.

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