Cat Hoodie Review (Kittyroo)

Cat Hoodie
What It Is
This is a hoodie for people with cats. It is complete with cat ears on the hoodie, which could make for a cute costume. It also has hoodie strings complete with pom poms to make it a fun toy for your cat. There is a pocket for your cat to lay in and this soft pocket can be removed and washed. It is grey and available in a few sizes. It is great for snuggling with a small cat or kitten at home on the couch.
Why Is It Useful?

The Pom Poms on the hoodie make it a toy and sweatshirt all in one, they are cute and definitely get the cat's attention. If you are looking to snuggle up on the couch or bed for a movie with your cat, this is a good item. If you are looking to go on an outdoor adventure with your cat, you will need something sturdier. 

Who It’s For

 It's great for kittens or very small cats that can fit into the pocket. If you love your cat and are a cat person you may like the Kitty Roo! 

What To Be Aware Of

The elastic toggle to secure the pocket is flimsy and broke at first tug and the Velcro could be stronger. 

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