Organ-ICKS Review (Orb)

What It Is

These are as gross as their names! For example Snotty O's is just that- the snot is super gooey slime and you add chunks of slimy disgusting particles of food that have a smelly scent to them. Each package includes a packet of slime and a packet of chunky mix-ins. Disgusting facts are labeled on the side. For Snotty O's we have Snotberries, 37% or Grossness at 110%! Each is made with Real ORB Slimi, and kids can ooze, drip, glop and trade the whole collection. This one comes with a snotty green slimi and chunks of cereal which looks like Cheerios! Mix them together and get something grossly spectacular. 

The Snotberry Sneezecake is the best of both worlds; snot and sneezing grossness mixed together. Each set comes in a container that looks like a can and includes slimi goo and chunks.  It's a mix of textured chunky snotberries and pineapple scented creamed sneeze slimi. This collection comes with plenty of fun named containers to collect; Chik'n & Lyce Goo, Slimeghetti & Muckballs, with 3 others to collect which are sold separately. 

The next set of collectibles is the Barf Nuggets- just like the Snotty O's, but instead of snot, it's actually barf- get a package of slimi smelly goo and a packet of some chunky mix to mix in with the slimi goo. The box contains fun food facts of what you're about to play with such as the percentage of how much of each is in each set- Yesterday's Yuck, Expired soda, 7-year gum and so on.  Poopi Puffz is well, you guessed it- slimi goo poop! Each set comes with a packet of slimi goo and chunks of food to mix in.  Mix the textured piles of poo and chocolate scented slimi-milk for some fun. Just like the other packaging this too is filled with disgusting facts. 

Is It Fun?

There's ton of grossness to collect and collectibles are fun for kids.

Who It’s For

Each collection has a fun grossness behind it- although they aren't blind bags, they are still fun for kids who enjoy slime. 

What To Be Aware Of

The slimi is hard to take off on its own  and the chunks easily fall out.

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