Fuzzikins Review (PlayMonster)

What It Is

Each set includes a large Fuzzikins bunny figure, medium Fuzzikins bunny figure, small Fuzzikins bunny figure, pop-up book with 3 room scenes and built in furniture, plastic garden fence and gate, 3 markers, color-in stickers, instruction booklet and practice coloring template. 

The pop-up book opens up to be about 20 inches and easily makes a 360 degree play area. The book can stay open by clipping into the fence and gate. This will allow the book to stay open and keep it sturdy. The doors to the pop-up book are cut out, which build to the imaginative fun since they'll be able to move the bunnies through the rooms.   

Once that's done, you can begin to color your bunnies. All bunnies have a velvety feel to them and are blank canvases, so children can use the included washable markers to color and decorate their very own animal friends! Just remember to allow some time to dry between colors. What's neat about these bunnies is that kids can rinse them to remove the marker and redesign them once they're dry! The bunnies heads turn which can add to storytelling and imaginative play. 

The color-in sticker sheets are also really nice for kids to continue the crafty fun. Once they color in the sticker furniture and portraits, which seem to be other family members, they can stick this anywhere in the pop-up book. 

There are also smaller sets available such as the Fuzzikins Dozy Dogs and Fuzzikins Cozy Cats. It's easy to see how they differ- let's start with Dozy Dogs! Each set includes a large Fuzzikins dog figure, medium Fuzzikins dog figure, small Fuzzikins dog figure, 3 markers, 3 Fuzzikins felt beds, felt accessories for the dogs, instruction booklet and practice coloring template. Same play is involved here - decorate and just rinse to redesign as many times as you want! No pop-up book is available, but still there's fun to be had. With the accessories you'll be able to put eye masks on your dogs and slip them into their beds!  

Same concept for Fuzzikins Cozy Cats- each set includes 1 large Fuzzikins cat figure, 1 medium Fuzzikins cat figure, 1 small Fuzzikins cat figure, 3 markers, 3 Fuzzikins felt beds, felt accessories, instruction booklet and practice coloring templates. With the fun accessories, these kitties are also ready for bedtime and some sleepover fun!

Is It Fun?

Fuzzikins is not only a toy, but also a craft project  which doubles up the fun! There's tons of role playing fun . Easy to travel with and the pop-up book can be stored away in your library.

Who It’s For

Kids who enjoy crafts and DIY fun will enjoy any set from the Fuzzikins collection. They'll also like being able to decorate the home and add other Fuzzikins into the other collections.

What To Be Aware Of
There are no issues with any of the sets. 
  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy