Jersey Sleeping Bag Review (ErgoPouch)

Jersey Sleeping Bag
What It Is

Keep baby comfortable and provide a safe sleeping space with the ergoPouch Jersey Sleeping Bag. Available in a variety of designs, this sleeping bag functions as a wearable blanket for babies. Because it's made of a stretchy jersey material, it provides a snugger, slim-fit feel, and is ideal when transitioning baby from a swaddle. It has arm holes to allow baby to sleep with arms out, and the fabric is breathable and lightweight, ideal for sleeping during cooler spring and fall nights. Its bell-shaped bottom is "hip healthy", giving baby more room to wiggle his legs and have his hips and legs flop outward during sleep.  

Along with keeping baby comfortable and warm, this provides some convenient features for parents. Namely, the two-way zipper that gives easy access for middle-of-the-night diaper changes. There's a zipper cover at the neck to protect baby. And an included room thermometer lets you know what the temperature is in your baby's room and what your baby should be wearing at night based on the temperature.

The Jersey Sleeping Bag is 35 inches long and designed to grow with your baby.

Why Is It Useful?

While we were at first surprised at how long this Sleeping Bag was, especially for an 8-month-old, the length actually works in parents' favor. It may seem kind of long for your young baby, but it definitely provides room for baby to grow and means that you don't have to go out and buy multiple sleep sacks to fit your growing child. Other things we liked were the super comfortable fabric and the two-way zipper. This is a nice alternative to loose blankets and a good option for parents shopping for wearable blankets.

Who It’s For

This fits babies from eight months to 24 months. Because it has an arms out design, it's safe for babies who can roll over.

What To Be Aware Of

This is made from organic cotton and bamboo. You can machine wash it on cold in the gentle cycle, but do not tumble dry.

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