Polly Pocket Micro Pollyville Pocket House Review (Mattel)

Polly Pocket Micro Pollyville Pocket House
What It Is

Pollyville is adding a new residence with this new house! Everything is still tiny, but in a luxurious way. This Pocket House features a babysitting theme and opens to reveal 4 stories, 5 rooms; Polly's bedroom, Paxton's room, bathroom with a fun tub, a living room with a television, and a kitchen. A small yard is also attached to the house for some outdoor fun!

There are 4 fun reveals around the house as well and 11 accessories with a micro Polly and Paxton Pocket dolls and Peaches the dog! Just like all the new Polly Pocket toys this comes with a sticker sheet with Polly Stick technology, which allows kids to stick the stickers anywhere and Polly dolls and friends stick to the sticker. You can place the stickers anywhere in the house like outdoors to play with Peaches or in the kitchen to make a meal for Paxton.  Now, if you don't watch the Polly Pocket show you may not know who Pax is, Pax is the baby of the Pocket family and the only family member who has discovered Polly's tiny abilities. 

This is a fun set not just because you can add this house to your collection, but like I mentioned there are a few accessories which make this super fun! It includes a rocking horse, Paxton's high chair, a table and 2 chairs, couch, Peaches' doghouse, a trampoline and a bike. Take the bike around town in style!

Is It Fun?

Kids who are into Polly Pocket toys and even the show will love being able to add these to their collection. It's a nice way for them to create stories from the show and create their own storylines.

Who It’s For

The house has a lot of built-in things for kids to do . They'll love to add these to their other Polly Pocket sets . It's great that the house closes up and stores the accessories and there's endless imaginative play.

What To Be Aware Of

Although the house closes up and stores accessories it's still bulky to carry around .

  • Fun

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy