Pea Pod Babies Review (Premium Toys)

Pea Pod Babies
What It Is

Pea Pod babies come concealed in a green peapod-like packaging, just like real pea pods only triple the size! There are 24 Pea Pod Babies to collect. Each baby has 5 points of articulation at the head, arms, and legs. Every Pea Pod baby comes with three toy surprises including a baby, clothing, and accessories. Each pod is also wrapped in plastic featuring Pea Pod babies and their accessories. These are very easy to rip off.  The Pea Pods packaging is also nice and stretchy, so you can easily pop out each pod with ease. The baby's head is also squeezable allowing them to spit out water when added. Each doll also comes with a keychain so kids can connect their pea pods to their backpacks or other pea pods! 

Is It Fun?

Being able to swap clothing and accessories with other Pea Pod babies is fun and kids always enjoy when a toy can squirt out water.

Who It’s For

What makes this fun for kids is that there are plenty to collect and all accessories and outfits can be interchanged with one another. Kids who are into blind bags and unboxing will enjoy this new collection. Collecting is just half the fun. Not knowing what you'll get makes for fun surprises each time. 

What To Be Aware Of

The clothing is very flimsy and doesn't fit the baby properly.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    Medium Difficulty