Hyper Runner Stunt and Mini Racer Review (Mukikim)

Hyper Runner Stunt and Mini Racer
What It Is

For ages 8 and up, come two super fast mini roadsters that everyone will love from MUKIKIM. Checkout the Hyper Runner Stunt Racer in blue and The Hyper runner mini racer. First up, The Hyper Runner Stunt is really cool and comes with a controller, and a usb charging chord and instructions. The controller takes 2 AAA batteries, not included. This tough little terrain terror is fast and jumps around like a mini tornado. It has a light that flashes all kinds of colors when running. The controller includes buttons to make the racer go  forward or backward, left or right, or do 360 degree spinning and special stunts. Hit the  demo button to see all the tricks. The Hyper Running Mini Racer is a high speed stunt car that is cute and ready for action! The set includes mini racer, racing sphere, charging chord, and keychain attachment. The mini car has a great paint job and the two larger wheels in the front set the car into motion. Turn it on and lights flash, then enclose it in the sphere and watch it race around in 360 degree loops. Follow the instruction manual to experience more game play. You can put this mini car in your pocket, and since it is battery-free and USB rechargeable it's ready to be played with anytime. 

Is It Fun?

These racing cars are fun and small enough to take on the go. Both are rechargeable and come with USB cords. The Hyper Runner does all kinds of cool tricks and kids will love racing this little devil. The Mini Racer is fun and fast. Both cars have light up features. The Hyper Stunt Racer is a tough little terrain terror that moves super fast and jumps around like a mini tornado. The controls allow it to go forward, backward, and turn. Hold the control down to make it spin. You can lock the rotating wheel so it doesn't flip. The Mini Racer is small enough to go in a pocket. It's crazy fast and fun to watch in it's sphere or as it zips across the floor. 

Who It’s For

Designed for ages 8 and up, these two super fast mini roadsters are loads of fun and everyone will love a taking turn at driving them. Fans of remote controlled vehicles or racing cars will enjoy all the stunts and speed these two cars bring. The Hyper Runner Stunt works via remote and it is fun to control, while The Mini Racer is not.  

What To Be Aware Of

Both cars come with usb charging chords and instructions. The controller on the Hyper Stunt takes 2 AAA batteries not included. 

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  • Assembly & Instructions


    2 AAA batteries required