Polly Pocket Pollyville Diner and Pollyville Arcade Review (Mattel)

Polly Pocket Pollyville Diner and Pollyville Arcade
What It Is

There are even more adventures to have around Pollyville with Polly Pocket and her friends. Grab a bite at the Pollyville Diner and play games at the Pollyville Arcade. Each playset, sold separately, includes two dolls with rubberized legs and feet that stick to special areas of the playsets, as well as to additional stickers that kids can place wherever they want on the playsets. 

The Pollyville Diner opens up to reveal a diner interior on the bottom and a performance stage on top. Both the Polly and Shani dolls are wearing food-themed aprons, and they can take orders in the kitchen complete with fold-out menu board and food counter. If you need to use the bathroom, just go upstairs. And then keep going upstairs for the performance stage with sticky platform for the dolls. The heart-shaped lever tilts the stage up and down for some "dancing". And at the very top, there's a table that rotates from dinner to board game. Accessories include two double chairs, a pinball machine, a jukebox, and a rocket ride that moves back and forth when you toggle the switch. Everything stores inside the playset when playtime is over.

There are even more fun games for the dolls to play inside the Pollyville Arcade. There are prizes for the Polly and Lila dolls to win at the fold-out counter on the first floor, like a cute little teddy bear. Head to the second floor for a claw machine game, the third floor for a Gameboy-style skeeball game, and the top floor for a virtual skiing game with a sticky moving platform. Additional game accessories include a driving game, a duck game, a traditional arcade game, and a bicycle game with moving bicycle. Everything stores inside the playset when playtime is over.

Is It Fun?

These playsets offer a nice extension to the Polly play, adding more fun scenes to a Polly Pocket world. Kids will like the moving parts and surprise fold-down or fold-out elements, as well as being able to stick Polly and her friends just about anywhere - even upside down - thanks to the sticky stickers. Each of these playsets will encourage imaginative storytelling both at home and on the go.

Who It’s For

The Pollyville Diner and Pollyville Arcade playsets are for Polly Pocket fans ages 4 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

A larger Polly Pocket Pollyville Mega Mall playset is also available and sold separately.

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    None or Very Easy