DoodleMatic Mobile Game Maker Review (Tink Digital)

DoodleMatic Mobile Game Maker
What It Is

With the DoodleMatic Mobile Game Maker, kids can create their own video games using markers, paper, and a smart device. When you purchase the kit, you get basic instructions for setting up the free app and getting started, and then three drawing pad booklets that walk you through how to create and play your own games. For instance, every game needs an avatar, a goal, a setting, an enemy, and hazards, as well as objects for your avatar to move. When you draw these things, you use a specific color of marker, and the markers are included. Avatars are green, goals are blue, the setting is black, enemies and hazards are red, and movable objects are purple. The pictures that you draw in the booklets get scanned into the DoodleMatic app and turned into playable games.

The first booklet also walks you through troubleshooting steps so you can anticipate common mistakes and fix things in your game that don't work. You can also add PowerUps to your game, such as disguising an object, turning off gravity, and more.

When you've made it through the first booklet, you'll have a complete game that you can play and share with a friend to play. When your friend plays your game, the fireworks PowerUp gets unlocked. 

From there, you can work on making a different type of game by following the prompts in the second booklet and then using the blank pages in the third booklet to draw even more of your own games.

Is It Fun?

Kids with an interest in video games will like being able to design their own games with this kit. It's more than just playing games; it's about giving kids a glimpse into the game design process. The elements in the games are all up to kids' imaginations, and it will be really neat to see what kids come up with. 

Creating a game is harder than you might think. As you play your game, you might realize that you need to change the placement of the goal or remove something altogether. But problem-solving is all part of the process and play, and we like that this gets kids thinking creatively.

Who It’s For

The DoodleMatic Mobile Game Maker is for ages 5 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Make sure you scan the QR code on the instruction sheet before you start playing in order to unlock the app's full features.

The kit includes two follow-along books with 39 game design concepts, a sketchbook, five washable markers, and a QR code that unlocks the full app. 

The DoodleMatic app is available on iOS devices running 8.0 or higher and Android devices 6.0 or higher.

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