SmartLeash Review (Pet Product Innovations)

What It Is

Bring control to your daily walks especially if your dog likes to suddenly bolt and run. The SmartLeash is a retractable leash that has an auto-locking mechanism similar to a seat belt that quickly and automatically locks the leash's length in place. This helps to safely stop your dog when they decide to bolt, lunge, or try to run. The leash senses sudden accelerations and applies its automatic brake to stop your pet quickly. The leash stays locked as long as your pet keeps tension on the leash, but when tension is released, the leash will release and reset itself instantly and automatically. This retractable leash also features a push-button manual brake, soft rubber grip, reflective tape for increased visibility, detectable reflective wrist strap for added safety, and bungee connection on medium and large models to absorb pulling force on you and your dog.

Why Is It Useful?

In all honesty, I don't usually use retractable leashes since they are very thin leashes and my dogs can be very strong pullers who love to bolt and lunge. That being said, this leash is quite strong enough for my big boys. Moreover, I especially love this leash's auto brake. Sometimes my attention is diverted when walking both dogs, and Lokie loves to lunge. This leash works okay to stop him. I also love this leash's strong manual brake, and its reflective tape for late-night walks, as well as its bungee connection. Additionally, since my dogs don't usually walk with retractable leashes I enlisted the help of a friend whose dog seemed to take to this leash, too. He told me he found this leash longer than most and was willing to give his dog a little more freedom, knowing that his dog wouldn't be able to dart after anything. Not to mention, he said his dog like the bungee part of the leash, which seemed to make any tugging much gentler.

Who It’s For

This leash is recommended for dogs that like to suddenly run or chase squirrels on walks. It is also ideal for dog owners who prefer retractable leashes.

What To Be Aware Of

This leash comes with a 1-year warranty. It's available in 4 sizes, from small to medium to large to extra-large.

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