Zen Clipper Review (Pet Product Innovations)

Zen Clipper
What It Is

Take the anxiety out of clipping your pet's nails. The Zen Clippers do just that with their conical blade that only allows the tip of the pet's nail into the cutting area. Basically, these clippers only allow a predetermined amount of nail to be clipped so it's like putting the tip of the nail into a small funnel. Also, these clippers' stainless steel blades are designed to only shear and not crush the nail, unlike other clippers. They also feature a cushioned non-slip handle and stainless steel sharp edges.

Why Is It Useful?

To be honest, my dogs hate having their nails clipped. So, I was surprised that my Lokie even allowed me to place his nail in the clipper. Anyhow, I turned to my cat Phelix, who nails I cut on a regular basis and use the appropriate size on him and well. I liked that his nails fit in the clipper though sizing was tricky. There are 7 sizes of Zen Clippers and there is a sizing chart to help, but I am still not exactly sure I got the right size, which is very important. That being said, when clipping his nails I really had to squeeze hard since these clippers don't snap the nail, but shears off the tip of the nail. This can take several attempts to get the desired length. I really didn't like that. Don't get me wrong, I like that these clippers are gentler and safer than most. But nail clipping can be stressful and having the process go quickly is very helpful, which sadly these clippers did not do.

Who It’s For

These clippers are designed for cats, dogs, small animals, birds, and reptiles. We only tested them with dogs and cats so we can't speak to how well they work on these other pets. They are recommended for owners with pets that don't mind having their nails clipped. Likewise, the Zen Clippers are especially helpful for pet owners with limited near vision since it will prevent you from cutting off too much of the nail. The company's YouTube channel even has a video of an owner using the Zen Clippers with a blindfold on.

What To Be Aware Of

These clippers are available in several sizes and fun colors. Moreover, if you purchase the wrong size for your pet, the company promises to "happily exchange" it for the right size at "no cost."

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