Candylocks Sugar Style Dolls Review (Spin Master)

Candylocks Sugar Style Dolls
What It Is

How could the fun of Candylocks get any better? It can get bigger with new Candylocks Sugar Style Dolls. Unlike the original Candylocks dolls, these larger seven-inch dolls don't come blind packaged, but they do include the same super long, fluffy hair that's scented. Straw Mary's green and red hair smells like strawberries, while Lacey Lemonade's yellow and pink hair smells like lemons. Each doll also has a fruit-themed outfit. That includes a strawberry off-the-shoulder dress and matching booties with strawberry hair clip for Straw Mary, and a citrusy sleeveless dress with lemon heels, lemon-colored sunglasses, and a lemon slice purse for Lacey.

Each of the dolls also includes some extra hair play accessories, such as a cotton candy hair extension and hair chalk.

Is It Fun?

Fans of the smaller Candylocks dolls will enjoy the added hairplay of the large ones. This is all about getting creative to make up new hairdos and looks for the dolls, and doing it with super soft and fluffy hair that is just so cool to touch and play with.

Who It’s For

The new Candylocks Sugar Style Dolls are for ages 5 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The sunglasses do not fit over Lacey's face.

The hair chalk can be messy, and the chalk we had for Straw Mary broke inside its container. There's also nothing in the instructions about whether you can get the dolls' hair wet to remove the chalk coloring.

Be careful when styling the dolls' hair because parts of it can come off. 

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