Hot Wheels Deluxe Stunt Box Review (Mattel)

Hot Wheels Deluxe Stunt Box
What It Is

With the new Hot Wheels Stunt Box from Mattel, kids can build multiple stunt configurations. Doubling down on the usefulness of this toy set, it can also be used as a storage bin and lid when not in play mode. 

The Stunt Box comes with two Hot Wheels racing toy vehicles and more than 15 feet of track, connectors, and curves. The classic track pieces come in traditional orange and blue. There's also two launchers and an insert piece designed for the lid that forces cars to take a 90-degree turn at breakneck speeds or enter a four-way crash zone for smashing action. The mega system comes unassembled, so it's up to kids to create their own race ways. 

You can also turn the stunt box upside down to use the pass ways and 2-to-1 racing lane. 

When kids are finished building their stunts, all the track pieces go back into the box for storage. 

Is It Fun?

Creative building and super fast fun complete this awesome building set. With two Hot Wheels racers included, Hot Wheels fans can jump in to racing competitions right away. 

This new Hot Wheels Deluxe Stunt Box also offers lots of stunt building capabilities, is easy to pack away and store, and is loaded with tons of fast-paced racing fun. 

Who It’s For

The new Hot Wheels Stunt Box from Mattel is designed for ages 6-12. Fans of racing sets and especially Hot Wheels cars and track systems will love adding this sets to their collection. We also think it's a good option for play on-the-go and stirring up some imaginative racing fun.

What To Be Aware Of

The set also comes with an instruction book that shows you how to build three different stunts. Kids are also encouraged to invent their own "what if" stunts by adding simple props found around the house.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

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