Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty Power Figures Review (Funrise)

Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty Power Figures
What It Is

RBUK is an animated series about a spirited and adorable kitty named Felicity who acquires magical powers and is part rainbow, part butterfly, and part unicorn! A lot of fun!

We have three different Felicity Kitties posed in different positions. We have one sitting, standing and prancing. They all have a glittery black collar with a purple heart around her neck, a sparkly unicorn horn, gold and purple butterfly wings attached to her back, embroidered facial features and soft enough to cuddle. There are some additional differences between them besides their pose. The prancing Felicity has a rainbow mane and tail that is hair-like. The sitting Felicity has two blue antennas. The sitting and standing Felicity have fluffy rainbow tails. All three are noted to have wings, but each plushes' wings are different sizes.

Felicity goes on amazing adventures with her best friend Miguel, and that's no different here. To join in on the fun we've got Miguel!  Miguel is a blue chihuahua with yellow makeup above his eyes, wearing Anubis attire, with gold cufflinks, a hat that has a yellow figure on it, and tan pants with blue and yellow markings. His collar is blue and yellow as well with a gold medallion detail in the center. Miguel stands 6 inches tall and is very soft too. 

After you're done with all the stuffed animal fun, you may want to dab into some fun with the RBUK figures. 

Power Tail Felicity measures at 3 inches and comes in a hard-plastic exterior with the same rainbow color scheme, unicorn horn and butterfly wings. There is no articulation but she does stand on her own. Her power tail flops back and forth by pressing down on her head. 

Then there's Rainbow Power Felicity. This one also comes in a hard-plastic exterior with rainbow ribbon on the inside. Her power here is to expand into a rainbow by pulling at the head and the end. By pressing on her horn the rainbow ribbon retracts.

Unicorn Power Felicity comes in a standing position as well with a hard-plastic exterior and a shiny unicorn horn that lights up when pressing down on the button behind her head. 

Miguel also has a figure, the Rock N' Roll Miguel. Miguel has a hard-plastic exterior and is dressed just like he is on the show. The fun comes with Miguel playing his guitar. Press down on his cap and Miguel's hand moves up and down, just like he's strumming his guitar.

Is It Fun?

The plush are soft enough to cuddle with and  kids can create storylines from the show with both the stuffed animals and figures.

Who It’s For

These can make a fun toy for any fans who enjoy Rainbow Unicorn Kitty Felicity show and can imagine scenes from the show in the comfort of their own home.

What To Be Aware Of
The figures don't have any articulation. 
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