Gifeez Review (Spin Master)

What It Is

Imagine being able to create your own GIF from scratch? Well, now you can; just draw, color and customize your very own GIFs and then bring them to life with the Gifeez Spinner. Each set includes a Gifeez Spinner, 5 markers, 8 double-sided animation disks, 4 double-sided art disks, 3 double-sided template disks, 1 sheet of animation stickers, and 1 playbook. A mode switch is also available, switching from animation mode to art mode to off. 

First, your little one will choose a disk to color and decorate. Color one of the disks with the colors that the set comes with or markers available in your home. Then place the disk on the Gifeez Spinner and pick your mode! Turn the lights off and watch your animation or art piece spin to life. 

The Gifeez Spinner lights up and rotates at different speeds in art and animation mode, creating mesmerizing visual effects! Customize disks with the stickers and share more than 30 unique animated GIFs in the free Gifeez App (compatible with iOS and Android devices).

This is a fun DIY art toy. We like that you can use the templates provided or the blank disks to create your own art or animation.

Is It Fun?

Kids can get creative and design their own GIFs with the blank disks. Purchase more disks separately for repeat play to do with friends or alone. They're also able to use any markers, giving the disks more colorful animations.

Who It’s For

Gifeez is an activity toy for kids ages 6 and up and can make a great holiday or birthday gift. This will be lots of fun for kids who enjoy DIY arts and crafts. The added bonus is the ability to share your special GIFs through the app.

What To Be Aware Of

Although batteries are included, changing them might be best since we found the trial batteries died fairly quickly.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

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