Chocolate Poop Maker Review (Jakks Pacific)

Chocolate Poop Maker
What It Is

The Chocolate Poop Maker replicates a realistic toilet bowl that makes adorable and yummy chocolate poops. Let me assure you, this is much cuter than it sounds. Each set contains 5 pieces; 1 play toilet, 1 chocolate plunger, 1 packet of chocolate chips, 1 chocolate mold and 1 dispenser. Although the set includes a package of chocolate, once it's done or you want to make more there is no specific refill required. Use chocolate from home and get to pooping!

There are a few steps to prepare your masterpiece. Remove the nozzle and ring from the dispenser. Open the chocolate packet and pour the chocolate into the dispenser. Place the ring and the nozzle back onto the dispenser. Be sure that the cap is secured on the nozzle. Next, have an adult fill a bowl with warm water and insert the dispenser upright into the bowl. Do not fully submerge the dispenser in water, this won't allow the chocolate to melt. Wait about 8-10 minutes and then remove the dispenser from the bowl. Remove the nozzle and ring from the dispenser, stir the chocolate, replace the nozzle and ring back on the dispenser and remove just the cap.

Now you're ready to use the toilet! Place the chocolate mold under the toilet, insert the dispenser into the toilet, place the plunger over the dispenser, and press the plunger down until the mold cavity is filled. Move the chocolate mold to the next cavity and repeat until they're all filled. Once you're done, jiggle the chocolate mold on a flat surface to even out the chocolate, place in the fridge for 5-10 minutes and then remove the mold and place them on a plate. When all that is done, eat and enjoy!

Storage is also available. 

Is It Fun?

The Chocolate Poop Maker keeps kids busy and gives them the feel of cooking without getting hurt. Since there are many steps it helps children practice on taking direction. It's also nice that the end product is a piece of chocolate or two.

Who It’s For

This makes a fun gift for kids who enjoy talking about poop. Now they can put the poop where their mouth is and enjoy! There are many steps involved which will keeps kids entertained for quite a bit of time. 

What To Be Aware Of
No batteries are needed. 
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