Inomi Baby Carrier Review (Baebi)

Inomi Baby Carrier
What It Is

The Inomi Baby Carrier gives you all the baby-wearing positions you need plus a detachable portion that makes putting down a sleeping baby or going to the bathroom a lot easier.

This baby carrier can be worn in inward-facing, outward-facing, and back carry modes.

Made of Oeko-Tex certified fabric, the Inomi is made up of a harness and a clamshell. The harness is what mom or dad wears. It features contoured shoulder straps, an adjustable back strap, and a waist belt with a seven-inch phone pocket and secure pockets for keys and credit cards. 

The clamshell comes with a Grow-with-MI system that can be used with newborns. The infant seat, which elevates babies to a proper seating height, can be used with babies up to 9 pounds or 21 inches long. The swaddle panels and swaddle strap can be used with babies up to 12 pounds or once a baby has head and neck control. The interior of the clamshell also features a bucket seat, soft leg "pillows", and quilted air channels to prevent overheating. The exterior of the clamshell has a foldable flap, helpful for babies who no longer need the extra head and neck protection and when wearing the INOMI in outward-facing mode. And parents will like the dual overlapped pockets on the front, convenient for stashing a diaper and a travel container of wipes.

You connect the two pieces by sliding the clamshell's Quick Release Connector piece into the harness' Quick Release Connector piece. Then you attach the harness' top and lower harness buckles to the clamshell. 

If you're using the Grow-with-MI system, you can actually secure baby first in the detached clamshell and then pick baby up and do all the connections. Once you're no longer using that system, baby gets placed in the clamshell after the Quick Release Connector has been secured. And if you're doing a back carry, baby gets secured in the attached clamshell, and then rotated around your back. 

To remove baby from the carrier, detach the top and lower harness buckles, and either remove baby directly from the clamshell or support baby with one hand and pull the Quick Release Connect pull handle with the other. 

Why Is It Useful?

This baby carrier has a lot of positives. The inclusion of so many pockets means parents only have to wear baby, as opposed to wearing baby and a purse or diaper bag. The Grow-with-MI system means you can start baby-wearing with an infant. And even when you're switching from newborn Grow-with-MI system to regular baby carrier, it's nice that nothing has to be removed. The Inomi offers built-in storage for these pieces when you no longer need them, but they can easily be revealed for future babies. The Quick Release Connector is especially helpful with newborns, allowing you to not disturb a sleeping baby or have to get baby secured all over again if you just need to use the bathroom for a minute. Plus, there are multiple ways to wear it, giving parents options to keep their babies secure and comfortable when out and about.

Who It’s For

The Inomi can be worn with babies from 5 to 33 pounds.

What To Be Aware Of

You do have to secure a back strap buckle, which can be tricky to do.

This baby carrier is machine washable.

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