Mini Grocery Store Review (Klutz)

Mini Grocery Store
What It Is

Want to create some of the cutest food you've ever seen? Well, you can with the Klutz Mini Grocery Store craft kit. Using air-dry clay, create the contents of your shopping cart, including a tomato, lettuce, a T-bone steak, a frozen pizza, a box of cereal, and more. The full-color instruction booklet walks you through the basics of using clay, how to make and measure the clay, how to use the two clay tools, and then how to create 20 clay foods. 

It's basically rolling clay into a ball and using that ball to create the food body and accessories, such as leaves and stems. You'll also get to decorate your food with paper accessories, and give your food happy faces using beads and sequins.

And then, of course, you'll need to let your creations dry.

Is It Fun?

These clay foods are adorable and will definitely be fun for crafty kids who also like food play. The facial expressions remind us of the kawaii style, so kids who are into that will like seeing the style represented in the funny grocery items they create. These are all pretty easy to make, but kids can decorate them however they want and even come up with their own variations of the food.

Who It’s For

The Klutz Mini Grocery Store is for crafty kids ages 6 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The kit includes a 52-page book of instructions, air-dry clay in eight colors, 42 bead eyes, 42 sequin cheeks, glaze, a clay roller, four brads, a double-tipped clay tool, seven carton and jar forms, a tray, 89 punch-out decorations, and a paper shopping basket and pizza box.

Make sure to keep unused clay in a sealed container so it doesn't dry out.

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