Foodie Roos Review (Maya Toys)

Foodie Roos
What It Is

It's probably every foodies' dream- eating so much of your favorite food, you become that food! Well, with the Foodie Roos Series 1 -fantasy becomes reality when your surprise new plush looks just like their favorite foods. All Foodie plushes look, smell and feel like their favorite foods! Take for example, Gummies, his adorable pig face has jellybeans and sour candy printed all over him. You smell all the sweetness as if you were opening up a bag of Sour Patch Kids. Also, when you squish the plush you can feel beads that are shaped like jellybeans. Each container contains a collector sheet, 1 instruction sheet, a bonus sticker and of course, a surprise Foodie Roo plush! 

Each container is packaged in a pint-sized container with adorable details such as the nutritional facts - "Amount Per Serving", "Cuteness", "Cuddliness" and more. What makes this blind bag surprise special is that each container transforms into a room set for your Foodie! All you need to do is separate the container into halves, remove the eye sticker, and save it. Apply the stickers to the interior, insert the connectors, and insert the container halves onto the lid. When done your Foodie can enjoy their pad!

There are 20 to collect and each is sold separately. Two Rare Treats are also available to collect! With each pint there are two variations available to collect. For instance, with the Fruitcup Foodie Roos, you either get Berry Hop or Paradise Parrot. With Soda you get either Citrustripes or Fizzy Fish. Or how about Cookies where you can get Cookie Cub or Choco Pup!

Is It Fun?

Mini-collectors will enjoy collecting the whole series and they'll especially love the surprise factor which always makes it fun! The Foodie Roos are easy to travel with and being able to use the packaging gives kids more to do!

Who It’s For

Children who enjoy unboxing and collecting will enjoy the Foodie Roos. Even those who are Foodies will enjoy the food aspect of this toy. There's imaginative fun as they collect and build rooms for their new pets.

What To Be Aware Of
The connectors are a bit flimsy. 
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