Stranger Things Trivial Pursuit Back to the 80's Review (Hasbro)

Stranger Things Trivial Pursuit Back to the 80's
What It Is

It's time to brush up on your Stranger Things knowledge in this new version of Hasbro's Trivial Pursuit: Stranger Things Trivial Pursuit Back to The 80's Edition. This version of the classic board game not only transports players back to the 80s but also throws in a whole new trivia category for fans of the Netflix Original Series, Stranger Things.

The game feature 1,500 trivia questions across six different categories: Movies; TV; Music; Famous People & Events; Trends, Tech & Fun: and Stranger Things.

Game Setup:

When you fold out the board, you'll notice two openings at the center of the board. This is where you'll attach a special feature: the Upside Down (cue theme music)! Once attached, make sure the feature is flipped so that the real-world side is facing up. Next, players select their colored wedge holder for the game and place it at the center of the game board. Then, shuffle up the cards. According to the instructions, the player born the furthest from November 6, 1983 goes first. It's game time!


Players take turns rolling the die and moving X number of spaces in a single direction. Like the original game of Trivial Pursuit, whatever space you land on indicates the color-coded question/category on the cards. If you get the right answer to a question, you'll get to add one wedge to your holder. If you get it wrong, play moves on to the next player.

Portal Spaces/Clockwise Die Symbol:

Shaking up the gameplay for this version is the Upside Down feature. If you roll the die and get the clockwise symbol or land on a Portal Space, all players must move their wedge holders back to the center of the game board and the board is flipped to the Upside Down. The active player then gets to draw a trivia card and choose any category he/she wishes to answer. Get it correct, and gameplay continues as usual. Get it wrong, and play still moves on but you'll also lose a wedge (if you have any). Play continues in the Upside Down mode until someone lands on a Portal or rolls another Clockwise symbol.

Walkie-Talkie A Friend:

Another feature that spice things up is the added opportunity to "Walkie-Talkie a Friend" if you come across a real stumper of a question on your turn. You can only do so in the "real world," walkie-talkies don't work so well in the Upside Down. If the other player chooses to help you and their answer is correct, you'll both earn a wedge.


The first player to collect six wedges wins the game.

Is It Fun?

New game mechanics spice up the original game of Trivial Pursuit, such as the Upside Down which randomizes the gameplay. Forcing players to move their pieces back to the center can potentially move players away from a space that could help them complete their wedge as well as take back pieces to their wedge when playing in the Upside Down. With so many questions we also think this game offers a lot of repeat play value.

Who It’s For

The Stranger Things Trivial Pursuit Back to The 80's Edition is for ages 14 and up. It's especially fun for '80s lovers and Stranger Things fans who will get the most enjoyment out of answering the trivia as well as testing your friends.

What To Be Aware Of

While trivia, in general, is a fun way to test your knowledge and learn a few things in the process, for those not as up-to-snuff on their 80s knowledge, the trivia can sometimes be frustrating.

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