Sew Your Own Unicorn Cake Pillow Review (Klutz)

Sew Your Own Unicorn Cake Pillow
What It Is

You don't have to bake this unicorn cake; you sew it! The Sew Your Own Unicorn Cake Pillow is an arts and crafts kit that comes with everything kids need to sew a super soft and super cute unicorn cake. Even though there's only one thing for kids to create with this kit, the finished product will look different for every kid because there are four options for decorating.

The full-color instruction booklet shows kids how to use embroidery floss, how to thread a needle, and how to perform whip and ladder stitches. Kids sew the fabric eyes onto the white fur, sew up the sides and bottom of the unicorn, sew on the ears, sew up the stuffing inside the unicorn, and attach the horn.

From there, it's all about using the extra decoration pieces, or fun items you have at home, to design and decorate your own unicorn. Will you go for the Uniclassic or Daisy Chain looks? Will your unicorn have a Funky Fringe or be a Punk Rock Pegasus? Whatever you decide, follow the instructions to sew on felt shapes and pom-poms to create the look. 

Then assemble the cardboard cake display stand and keep your unicorn pillow on display when you're not cuddling up with it.

Is It Fun?

If you like unicorns and have an interest in learning how to sew, this kit will start you off with some basics. The look of the unicorn will vary depending on age and skill level, but what's cool about this is that there's no right or wrong way for it to look, especially when it comes to adding in all the colorful decorations. Certainly kids can use the pictures and instructions in the book as inspiration, but how they want their unicorn pillow to look is ultimately up to them, adding some creative thinking and even sewing experimentation to the craft. Think of it as a personal Project Runway-style pillow challenge. What can you create with felt shapes, pom-poms, and that bead necklace on your bedroom floor? When it's all complete, it'll be cute and cuddly, and something that you've created yourself.

Who It’s For

The Sew Your Own Unicorn Cake Pillow is for ages 10 and up. Crafty kids who like unicorns will have fun going through the process of sewing this plush pillow.

What To Be Aware Of

The kit includes a 32-page instruction booklet, four pre-cut faux fur pieces, embroidery floss in two colors, a sewing needle, pre-cut gold fabric, stuffing, eight pom-poms in four colors, 18 pre-cut felt shapes in six colors, and a cardboard cake display.

It was difficult to sew the eyes onto the white fur. The felt started to come apart when we put the needle through it.

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