2019 Super Mario Figures Review (Jakks Pacific)

2019 Super Mario Figures
What It Is

Jakks Pacific delivers lots of NEW cool figures inspired by the Super Mario Bros video games. These NEW 4 inch figures are cool and look great. Checkout Mario with Super Star accessory, Fire Luigi with fire flower accessory, Fire Bro with Fireball accessory, Parabones with attachable wings, and Piranha Plant with question block accessory. These figures look great and are fully posable. Arms and legs move. Jaws open and close. Great for play or display. The Super Mario Diorama sets are for play and display as well. These figures are also poseable and stand 2.5 inches tall. The Acorn Plains Diorama set comes with Mario, walking Bob-Omb, grouchy Goomba, and castle turret top with up and down slide flag and platform. There is also a green up and down warp pipe. The Dungeon Diorama set comes with Mario, Parabones, and red Koopa Troopa turtle. The accessories include spinning firballs and warp action pipe with up and down action. 

Is It Fun?

There are 5 super cool 4 inch figures that include Mario, Fire Luigi, Fire Bro, Parabones, and Piranha Plant and each comes with an accessory. Spinning fireballs and Warp Pipes add to the action. Kids will love creating scenarios and adventures for these fun action figures inspired by the world of Super Mario!

Who It’s For

Designed for ages 3 and up, all of the figures in these collections are terrific quality and look great. They are fully posable and their extra features are cool. Fans of any age who love Super Mario will dig these great for play or display figures.

What To Be Aware Of
Each is sold separately.
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