My Little Farm Review (SmartFelt Toys)

My Little Farm
What It Is

 The set comes with 32 soft stick-able pieces and a four-panel felt board that easily assembles into a 3-D barn and farm. Both sides of the panel include either the barn interior or an outdoor farm setting. Pieces included in this set are a colorful farm family and cute animals such as horses, pigs, geese, an owl, and more! Lay flat to play or stand it up as the felt will hold the pieces in place. 

The set also includes a creative adventure guide that tells the story of My Little Farm through images and words, which children and parents can read together!

My Little Farm is also easy to travel with. It folds into itself and fits perfectly back in the box with a handle for easy carrying when on the road or going from room to room.

Each piece was chosen for a reason to address key early language and thinking concepts. For instance, basic shapes: Each of the windows inside the house is a different shape. Kids can learn sizes: A number of the pieces throughout the home are designed to emphasize differences in size. They'll also learn concepts such as On vs. Under, Empty vs. Full, and  Inside vs. Outside. For example, the rooster is on top of the hay, or the spider is under the window. 

Is It Fun?

This set is perfect for young little learners who want to enjoy farm fun! It's great to build early language skills, increase vocabulary and more, all while playing. They'll also enjoy making up their own stories while playing.

Who It’s For

Provides endless interactive multi-sensory opportunities for pretend play. Helps promote matching skills, builds creativity, encourages development of their early language skills by associating images with words and ideas.

What To Be Aware Of
The barn can't stand up in a line.
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