My Fairy Garden Nature Cottage with Sweet Pea, Rosie, and Jasmine Review (PlayMonster)

My Fairy Garden Nature Cottage with Sweet Pea, Rosie, and Jasmine
What It Is

What's great about My Fairy Garden is that it brings playtime and nurturing together. The Nature Cottage set includes the Flowerpot Cottage, bridge, bug house, mushroom chimney, wind spinner, water barrel, lily pad, table, tea set, 2 ladybugs, butterfly, Isla the Fairy, Freckles the Frog, a fairy stand, flying card, garden tool, seeds, and a fairy seed starter.

Once you've assembled your Nature Cottage, add the Fairy Seed Starter to the areas where you wish to grow your garden. To improve your growing results, PlayMonster suggests mixing your own soil with the Fairy Seed Starter. We didn't do so just so we could test the product as is.

Next, add water to the Fairy Seed Starter, but not too much that would leave water sitting at the bottom. Make sure to evenly scatter the seeds on all of the Fairy Seed Starter areas by using the gardening tools. As you care for your Fairy Garden, it's important to check the dampness every day to make sure it doesn't dry out. You can remove the water barrel from the cottage and fill it with water to pour onto your garden. Just be sure to put it back because if you overwater the top area, you'll want the water to trickle down to the barrel.

Depending on the temperature and location of your Fairy Garden, the seeds will take about 3 to 7 days to start growing. However, just using the Fairy seed provided, it didn't go well in our garden. The garden didn't blossom well and died pretty quickly. I would recommend using your own soil.

I love the fun and STEM fun behind the My Fairy Garden- Nature Cottage. It teaches children responsibility by having them tend to their garden that they helped build and grow. Also, it teaches them how plants play an important role in our environment.

There are also fun surprises around the garden such as a bridge that can be connected to other Fairy villages, a bug house for ladybugs, and a wind spinner that really works.

As I mentioned, you can add more Fairy villages to this Fairy village, which are sold separately. Now, you can also just add more Fairies! My Fairy Garden Scented Fairy Sets comes with just a Fairy, a pretty flower, and a butterfly that can turn into a child's hair clip! The butterfly is a fun play accessory that can also be attached to the hair clip and worn as a barrette! Each flower has a scent associated with its names. Meet Rosie dressed in a yellow outfit with pink wings' Sweet pea in a green top and pink bottoms with greenish wings; and then there's Jasmine with white top, yellow pants, and purple wings!

Is It Fun?

Kids can add more accessories or decorations to their cottage. They can also add different flower seeds for repeat use. It's a great way to teach them responsibility. Now children will also be able to collect more fairies to play around in the cottage. The fairies also have a platform to stand on.

Who It’s For

The 'My Fairy Garden Nature Cottage' is great for children who enjoy gardening and watching how plants work with our ecosystem. 

What To Be Aware Of
Add your own soil. 
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