Cry Babies Magic Tears Series Bottle House Review (IMC Toys)

Cry Babies Magic Tears Series Bottle House
What It Is

There are brand new additions to the Cry Babies nursery, but it's a mystery which baby you'll get thanks to bottle house blind packaging in the Cry Babies Magic Tears Series Bottle House line. There are pink and blue bottles to choose from, and when you open up your bottle, you'll find one of 13 different Cry Babies dolls inside. Will it be one of the 12 common dolls or the rare doll? The included collector's guide helps you keep track of your collection. 

Each doll wears an animal-themed outfit and comes with eight accessories that you also get to unbox. A small squeeze bottle, pacifier, bow, and seat are core accessories that every doll comes with, but then there are more personalized accessories, including a blanket, a sticker sheet, and two other wearables. You might also find one of the rare golden accessories: a golden pacifier or a golden bow.

And the dolls are called Cry Babies because they cry. Fill the squeeze bottle with water and then feed the water to the doll. Once the water is inside the doll, give the doll a squeeze to watch tears fall from its eyes.

The large bottle house can be used for play and display.

Is It Fun?

This brings unboxing fun to the Cry Babies line, and kids will like the surprise of seeing which doll and accessories are inside. We like the dual function of the bottle house as both surprise packaging and play area, providing some inspiration for creative storytelling. And, as always, these dolls are great for exploring nurturing roleplay.

Who It’s For

Cry Babies Magic Tears Bottle House Series is for ages 3 and up. It will be fun for kids who like playing with baby dolls.

What To Be Aware Of

It can be tricky to get these dolls to actually "cry". It will take several bottlefuls of water to fill the doll's head, and you might have to hold the doll at an angle when squeezing to make sure water reaches the holes in the doll's eyes.

Because part of the play involves water, you might want to cover your play space or play in an area where it's okay if things get wet. 

These are available exclusively at Target.

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