Disney Descendants 3 Dolls Review (Hasbro)

Disney Descendants 3 Dolls
What It Is

There isn't a Descendants 3 without Mal, daughter of Maleficent, and here she is! Mal is featured with her gorgeous blue and purple hair with a rocker look to match in the same color scheme. This set includes not just Mal, but an outfit, gloves, ring, and shoes for fashion play fun. The clothes are removable, and the doll has full articulation. 

Another Mal doll is also available for purchase and that's when she turns into the Dragon Queen! This Mal doll includes her fashionable purple outfit, wings, headpiece, and boots. In this set, Mal's hat and bottom half are removable. The wings and shirt are not. What makes this doll different is that it transforms into dragon mode! All you need to do is push down the button on the doll's back and her magnificent dragon wings expand. This Mal doll is articulated at the head, shoulders, legs and knees.  

Next up is Uma, daughter of Ursula! Another fan-favorite villain kid who was introduced in Descendants 2 and appears  to be back! Uma features a bluish eye-catching outfit with gold accents and braided black-and-blue hair. This package only includes her removable outfit and shoes. Uma is fully articulated.  

There's also a new character who will be introduced in Descendants 3, Celia. Celia is the daughter of Dr. Facilier who was a villain in Princess and the Frog, also known as The Shadow Man.  Celia features gorgeous reddish curls and a not-so-vibrant removable outfit, purplish hat and shoes. Celia also has 7 points of articulation. 

Is It Fun?

All dolls have articulation which makes role play better . It's always nice when clothing is removable so children can interchange the outfits and it's a great way to get kids excited for the new film!

Who It’s For

These are a great way to celebrate the new Descendants 3 film for children who are fans! They'll be able to reenact old scenes, their own scenes, or make up scenes they believe will happen in the new film. 

What To Be Aware Of

More accessories should've been available in all sets and beware when taking off Mal's gloves, her arms came off as well. It was easy to put back the arms, but putting the gloves back on was difficult. 

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