L.O.L. Surprise! Light Ups and Slap Band Review (Bulls I Toy)

L.O.L. Surprise! Light Ups and Slap Band
What It Is

LOL Surprise Light Ups Series 2- in each blind bag you get 1 light up LOL, 1 glow in the dark sticker and a checklist. There are also 8 new characters to collect. The Light Ups have a keychain attached where kids can attach them to their keys or backpacks. To make the LOL light-up simply press on the keychain and watch it light-up!   The only issue I saw was that you had to press down hard on the LOL light-up to see the light. 

Then there's LOL Surprise Slap band series 3. Slap bands are usually  fun for kids and if your kid enjoys LOL they'll love to accessorize their wrists with these beauties. Each Slap Band surprise comes with the Slap band, charm and hidden surprise with one of 6 LOL Surprise dolls. Each LOL Surprise has a different hidden surprise, so it'll be fun to collect each package. Although the LOL doll is not a surprise the hidden surprise in the box is, so it still gives kids the surprise factor. There's also room on the wristband to slide more LOL dolls!

Is It Fun?

Gives children a unique way to decorate their backpacks and wrists . The surprise factor is still very much there for both and being able to collect multiple LOL's is always fun.

Who It’s For

Both the LOL Surprise Light-ups and Slap bands are great for not just back-to-school swag, but also party favors, treat bags, or even stocking stuffers- when the time is right! Any LOL fan will love to add this to their collection of anything LOL. 

What To Be Aware Of
Each is sold separately.
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