Baby Wrap Carrier Review (KeaBabies)

Baby Wrap Carrier
What It Is

Whether you want privacy while breastfeeding or just the ability to carry baby easily and comfortably, the KeaBabies Baby Wrap Carrier has got you covered. This stretchable wrap can be used in four ways: as a wrap carrier, as a baby sling, as a nursing cover, and as a postpartum belt. 

Because it's so stretchy, it can be worn by moms and dads without adjustments being made. When you hold it out, it measures about 16 feet long and 21 inches wide. Fold it in half width-wise before you wrap it around your body. This creates pockets when wearing as a baby sling. The rest of the long, stretchy fabric comes over your back and shoulders to create straps and a support band, both for baby and for the wearer's back. What makes it easy about wearing this baby wrap carrier is that it gets pre-tied before putting in baby. You can use it in inward-facing and outward-facing modes.

For newborns or babies who can't sit up on their own, you're placing baby inside the pockets created by the wrap's shoulder straps. For babies who can sit up, their legs slide through the loops created by the straps and the logo band.

This is available in 13 colors, and each comes with a matching storage bag.

Why Is It Useful?

This baby wrap allows you to be hands-free so you can get work and chores done more easily while also bonding with and tending to baby. The material is made of a cotton spandex blend, and it's pretty lightweight so that parent and baby don't overheat. And it's nice that you can use this in different ways, not just for baby wearing. We like that putting on the wrap is very easy. Getting baby into the wrap might take some practice, especially with babies who can't sit up yet. There's a really good tutorial video on the KeaBabies website and YouTube channel that shows you how to do a newborn wear, as well as tutorials for the other wear modes.

Who It’s For

This can be used with babies from birth to 36 months, or from 5 to 35 pounds.

What To Be Aware Of

The KeaBabies Baby Wrap Carrier can be machine washed.

This can be used as a wrap carrier, a baby sling, a nursing cover, and a postpartum belt. Instructions are only provided for wrap carrier and baby sling modes.

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