Brown Dog Pillow with White Paws Review (The Dog Pillow Company)

Brown Dog Pillow with White Paws
What It Is

Put your dog's bad dreams to bed with this pillow that gives them something to cuddle up with. The Brown Dog Pillow with White Paws is an almost circular pillow in the shape and design of a resting or sleeping dog. This dog pillow has a plush exterior with soft fur, black nose, white paws, floppy ears, sleepy eyes and a waggle-able tail with a long cylindrical curved body. It is made with anti-allergenic premium polyester/double-core fiberfill. 

Is It Fun?

This pillow is too precious and cute as well as soft. I honestly wanted to use it as a neck pillow for myself, but its too small. Plus, I loved its adorable features such as floppy ears, sleepy eyes and a waggle-able tail. That being said, when I gave it to my dogs at first they were extremely excited to check it out. My Lokie even followed me around the room trying to grab it from me. Once I placed it on the ground both Lokie and Rockie tried to play with it like a plush dog toy. This was a little discouraging since Lokie loves to cuddle, but I guess he reserves his cuddles just for me. I tried it again at night when they were sleepy and both didn't seem very excited. However, I did find my cat sleeping next to it. Maybe if this pillow was bigger my dogs would have wanted to cuddle with it. Smaller dogs may like this product more.

Who It’s For

 This pillow is ideal for dogs that like to rest their heads or chins on soft surfaces or cuddle up with a soft pillow or plush toy. Dogs who play aggressively with plush dog toys might get confused and mistake this pillow for a toy.

What To Be Aware Of

This pillow is not recommended for aggressive chewers and should be only used with supervision. It is made with non-toxic material and is machine washable.

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