Highlights That's Silly Zoo Animals Review (HABA)

Highlights That's Silly Zoo Animals
What It Is

This Zoo Animals 9 Piece Jumbo Floor Puzzle is unique since it comes with interchangeable pieces. The tabs and slots of HABA's zoo animal floor puzzle are all the same size, so the pieces can go in any order. This is great for small children since they won't have to stress about finding the right pieces to go together. Fitting them together is great practice for developing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. 

Included in the set are some other ways to play and helpful tips besides just hooking them together. Let your children explore the pieces of the puzzles on their own. Once they've looked at the pieces and have identified animals, you can start picking out details to laugh about. This can help them develop a sense of humor when they observe what you find to be silly. Next, you can play the "Find It" game . You can also make up a story about a piece of a puzzle or the whole puzzle . Even act out scenes from the puzzle and add sound effects.

Is It Fun?

Highlights That's Silly! Zoo Animals, develops fine motor skills , hand-eye coordination , encourages creativity , and works on verbal skills. The pieces are durable so children can be a bit rough with them.

Who It’s For

This is a great beginner's puzzle for small children. It exposes them to puzzles in general and once they've mastered the "That's Silly" puzzle, you can begin introducing more complex puzzles for them. Children will also enjoy the accomplishment of being able to piece the puzzle together.

What To Be Aware Of

Although it's easy to store, no storage bag is included.

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