Hackin' Packin' Alpaca Review (Mattel Games)

Hackin' Packin' Alpaca
What It Is

In this set you get one adorable tan-headphone-wearing Alpaca, 16 colorful stacking pieces, and instructions. Something worth mentioning is this game does require the use of water, but it's very minimal squirts of water so it shouldn't make too much of a mess. But it is best to prep your play space, too, before starting the game.  

Before starting, you'll also need to fill "Al", that's your Alpaca's name, with water. Push the tab to unlock the saddle. Carefully pull the bottle out and back to remove. Fill the bottle up and hold Al upright to place the bottle back into the spout. Push down until you hear the click! Place the saddle back as well until you hear a second click. Once that is done, before you even play the game, push Al's head twice and let the timer run. Keep repeating this step until Al spits, think of it like Al's pregame warmup. Now, you're ready to begin! 

The object of the game is to stack your belonging onto Al's back quickly before Al spits. The player to stack all their pieces first wins! Divide all the pieces equally among players. The youngest goes first! On your turn, Turn Al's head so that it is facing you. Gently push down on his head to start the timer. You now have a few seconds to place one item on Al's back and press his head hard to stop the timer. Next player goes and you repeat the process! If you take too long, Al will spit! You then take your piece back. If any pieces fall during your turn, take those pieces as well. Rotate Al's head to face the next victim!

Is It Fun?

Easy directions for young kids to understand. The pieces are also sturdy and it steps up family game night.

Who It’s For

I absolutely love how easy to play this game is for the whole family. It makes a great addition for game nights at home with family or friends. The water also adds some excitement and will keep kids on their toes. 

What To Be Aware Of

Although its small enough to store away, no storage is available to place the pieces when you're done playing. And remember this is a water toy, and it will get messy so you may want to protect the surface you play on.

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