Kindi Kids Kindi Fun Shopping Cart and Kindi Fun Refrigerator Review (Moose Toys)

Kindi Kids Kindi Fun Shopping Cart and Kindi Fun Refrigerator
What It Is

Little kids can help unload the groceries, or at least pretend to, with the Kindi Kids Kindi Fun Shopping Cart and Kindi Fun Refrigerator, two playsets in the Kindi Kids preschool doll lineup. These are compatible with the Kindi Kids bobblehead dolls, sold separately. 

The Shopping Cart looks like a bunny rabbit with spinning rabbit feet wheels. And when you push the cart, the bunny ears move back and forth. A base right behind the shopping cart handle gives space for a Kindi Kids doll to ride. And you get two exclusive Shopkins to load into the cart: a jam jar and a green apple. Little holes on the back of each one make it easy for a Kindi Kids doll to hold the accessories. 

The Refrigerator looks like a mouse, and on its front is a shooting star "magnet" holding up a drawing that kids can toggle back and forth. If you open the door of the fridge, you'll see that toggling the magnet also causes two egg Shopkins to pop up and down in their egg carton. Also on the front of the fridge is an ice cube dispenser that will dispense two Shopkins ice cubes when you press the button. An additional exclusive Shopkin includes a head of lettuce. There's also a pretend cup, and a Kindi Kids doll will be able to hold the ice cubes, lettuce, and cup. Different shelves and removable drawers inside the fridge make it easy to store and display a Kindi Kids Shopkins collection.

Even though the food-themed accessories are called Shopkins, they are much larger than the traditional mini Shopkins collectibles. But that's a great thing for preschoolers because it gives them the chance to play with fun food characters just like the big kids but in a more age-appropriate way.

Is It Fun?

These playsets are really cute and a fun way to promote even more imaginative play with the Kindi Kids dolls. Preschoolers will like engaging in pretend food play and collecting their own version of Shopkins.

Who It’s For

Kindi Kids playsets are for ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The Shopping Cart and Refrigerator are sold separately.

A larger Kindi Kids Kindi Fun Supermarket is also available and sold separately.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy